Designer: Urban Perspective Owner Builder: John Beurle Passive House Trades: Stuart Lee Passive House Certification: Luc Plowman Stage: Completed 2017 Location: Redesdale Victoria Standard: Certified Passivhaus Institute Low Energy Building Standard Airtightness: 1.0 air changes per hour at 50Pa This house is made of prefabricated strawbale panels (SITUPS) and sits on a site cut into a rocky slope overlooking a nearby river. It features extensive glazing to maximise morning light and extensive views.      

Completed in 2017, this strawbale house combines the best use of natural materials and modern materials to produce a high performance building.



  The ground conditions were difficult to build on and so a waffle pod slab was chosen. If left untreated, the waffle pods offer little insulation value, being hollow and with numerous concrete ribs leaking heat into the ground. To increase insulation levels of the floor, XPS was used under the ribs and on the slab edges.

Innovative prefabricated strawbale panels were used. The panels were 350mm thick with 45mm lime render on the outside, and an airtight membrane, 45mm service cavity and plasterboard on the inside.



The interior membrane is taped to the underside of the insulated roof panels and to the slab surface. 45mm battens were also used to form a service cavity on the walls so that wires and plumbing didn’t penetrate the membrane. For the ceiling, steel battens were used to form a cavity to run ventilation ducting. Triple glazed timber aluminium windows were used throughout.

Lime rendering in progress.


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Passive House Database

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