Architecture: Phillips + Associates Architects

Builder: Goldings

Stage: Completed 2018

Location: Ainslie, Canberra

Standard: Passivhaus Institute Low Energy Building Standard (to be certified)

Air tightness: 0.96 ACHn50 This high-spec house maximises the space on a deep and narrow block. It has minimal north facing glazing but compensates by squeezing extra insulation into the thermal envelope including the use of triple glazed timber windows. Extensive movable shading is also used to maximise winter solar gain at the same time as excluding summer heat gain.

The exterior is clad with masonry blocks.

The triple glazed windows are framed with larch timber and the floors have a contrasting colour  – jarrah.

The airtightness layer was made with an Intello wrap shown here in white and the exterior windtight layer is made from an Extasana membrane.

A Logikhaus heat recovery ventilation system was used to bring fresh air into the house.