What is Passivhaus/Passive House?

How does it work?

Passivhaus is an international standard and an advance design method for building ultra-low energy homes. Passivhaus is based on building science, not empty marketing. Passivhaus homes are designed to meet a meaningful performance level that can be tested. There are thousands of such houses around the world in all types of climates. Download the full Passivhaus brochure.

About H3Space

H3Space is a home energy efficiency consultancy business based in Canberra offering services to clients around Australia. We specialise in Passivhaus/Passive House and low energy buildings. Although we don’t design buildings ourselves, we work can work with your architect, building designer, structural engineer and builder to ensure your home is comfortable, healthy and efficient to run. For clients wanting the highest performance levels and guaranteed results, we can ensure your new or retrofit home is certified to meet the rigorous international Passivhaus standard.